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Business owners need the confidence to know that their business and personal assets are protected. Selecting the right entity, drafting proper operating agreements, and using contracts minimizes any owner's liability. 

Estate Planning


Estate planning is more than wealth management. A proper estate plan protects assets, protects and informs families, avoids estate and gift taxes, and cements a legacy.

Probate is often viewed as burdensome and complicated, however an experienced attorney can help navigate the courts with relative ease and can provide guidance on how to best avoid probate altogether.

we are different.

We are different

At Altitude Law, we provide a variety of transactional services to clients throughout the Kansas City area. Our focus on transactional work allows us to have more availability to our clients by avoiding court dates and court deadlines.


Our goal is for each client to walk away with an elevated expectation of hiring an attorney. We reach this goal by coaching each client over the entirety of a transaction. We advise and assist in the entire process, beyond the pages of documents we draft. We provide each client with a flat fee quote to eliminate the unknown costs of hiring an attorney.


Our mission at Altitude Law is to provide each client with a custom solution to their legal problems at a known price. We eliminate the unknown of hiring an attorney by providing a specific service at a set cost.

Our Mission