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You likely are on my website because someone referred you to me. That is the best thing about living in a big city with small town roots. Aside from my time in college, I have spent my entire life in Kansas City, shopping at the same grocery store and going to the same mechanic. After graduating from Lee's Summit High School, I went to the University of Missouri for my Bachelors degree. I started my law career at Mizzou. It was during my first year of law school where I realized just how much I missed my hometown. I moved back to Kansas City to be closer to my family, while I finished up law school. I earned my Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. After law school, I knew I wanted to make Lee's Summit my personal and professional home. I take great pride knowing that my two kids are being raised in the same community that I am servicing. 




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My goal for Altitude Law is to provide a crucial service at a transparent cost to families and businesses within my community. I opened Altitude Law as a solution to a common complaint in the legal field. How many people would pay for a service or product without receiving an accurate quote as to what it would cost? That is what has been consistently happening in the legal field. The pricing model of providing vague estimates of time and asking for an hourly rate is outdated and unfair to clients.

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I have been fortunate enough to be able to create a practice where I am able to work with clients that I love to help. Working closely with families and business owners is a dream come true. Running a small business and raising a family have some extreme similarities. Both involve massive amounts of care, time, and patience to have success. Both need constant attention while they are in the growing stages and allow for a hands-off approach as they mature. And critically, both need proper planning in the event of the unexpected. Planning for business succession, potential liability, and tax consequences is as critical to a business owner as planning for death, disability, and long-term financial needs is for a family.

What makes my practice unique compared to many others is that I have lived through (and am still going through) many of the issues my clients face. As a father of two, I know the importance of protecting my families financial future through proper estate planning. As a business owner, I know the stress entailed in creating and running a business.