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At Altitude Law we do Estate Planning, Probate, and Business Law.  Altitude Law was created with the goal of helping both families and businesses plan ahead to allow them to live confidently and leave a legacy for future generations. You work hard for the life you have, do not risk letting your hard work go to waste.

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Series 01

When many people hear the term “estate” they picture a multi-million dollar mansion on a hill somewhere. However, that is not an accurate depiction of what an “estate” is. . . continue reading

What is Probate?

Estate Planning Series 02

Before I dig into the details of what a proper estate plan looks like and each document involved in a complete estate plan, I thought I would share about probate. Probate is the. . . continue reading


One of the most common and important pieces to an estate plan is the last will and testament. Most people, when asked about estate planning, immediately think of the will. . . continue reading