Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that gives another individual the authority to act in a person’s place and make decisions on their behalf. There are two primary types of powers of attorney: Power of attorney for health care and power of attorney for finance.


The power of attorney for health care selects a person to be able to make medical decisions on behalf of someone who is unable to make them on their own. Often times these decisions include facilities to use, treatments to take, and physicians to see. This is important for any adult over the age of 18 to have, as it allows someone to make critical health decisions when one person is unable to make decisions for themselves.

The power of attorney for finance gives authority to an individual to act on someone’s behalf when they are not present. This power of attorney is often used for paying bills, signing checks, transferring assets, and otherwise acting for an individual to assist in their daily lives. The power of attorney for finance provides a convenience when one is not able to sign off on everyday details in life.