Honest Services.

Known Costs.


Too many people do not get an accurate quote for legal services and are shocked when the bill is received. We strive to be as transparent with our billing as possible by providing a flat fee up front. The fees provided on this page are for some of our most common clients. After meeting with you and finding your specific needs, we will quote you a set fee for any work you wish us to do.

Estate planning

  • Will Package $900

  • Trust Package $1700

  • Powers of Attorney $175

  • Beneficiary Deed $175

  • Review of Current Plan $200


  • New Business Package $500

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement $400

  • Services Agreement $600

  • License Agreement $800

  • Employment Agreement $600

  • Cross Purchase Agreement $1000




If you do not believe your specific needs are mentioned above, please schedule a consultation where a set fee may be provided.

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement $1000

  • Lease Agreement $600

  • Special Warranty Deed $200

 Missouri law sets attorneys fees for probate cases on a percentage basis. Call  now to get an estimate.